It all began with the great love for works of art, especially for the inheritance of ancient Indonesian cultural objects, We The Founder of D'Topeng Kingdom managed to collect more than 2000 pieces used masks and other sculpture from all parts of Indonesian's Islands. And even up to the present, we are still hunting and collecting them all.

Those masks have a very high historical value, since of some the collectors were made in the 18thuntil 20th century. Some of themwere used for religious ceremonies, worship rituals with sacred dances from various ethnics and several royal palace in Java and Bali, Indonesia.

UNESCO has also stipulated and declared that mask is one all of the oldest culture in the world. Therefore, We have a future Vision and Mission to be continuous by commited in keeping and conserving Indonesian cultural objects as our nation in orders that they are not be extinct and forgotten, especially by the young generation of our own nation, Indonesia.


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Islamic Art Exhibition (New Zone Gallery)

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