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The Museum Zone

A. Located in Batu, East Java, d’Topeng Kingdom is a new museum of heritage art, dedicated to preserve and exhibit thousands of ancient artifacts from all over Indonesia.

B. d’Topeng Kingdom is a Heritage Art Museum that display their ancient artifacts in well appointed, brightly lit galleries, shelves, racks, cabinets and glasses cases, where visitors can see enormous amount of Indonesia cultural heritage artifacts such as textiles, batiks, ceramics, stone statues, carvings, paintings, puppets, daggers, and even traditional weapons and other items ranging from everyday utensils, made from wood, brass, bronze, horn, ivory, silver, jade, and many others.

C. Step Inside and feel the ethnic atmosphere with numerous kinds of ancient artifacts, Have pleasently surprising sights into life of ancient Indonesia that demonstrates diversities of various culture where each has its own identity. from galeleries zone



Room 1
Entrance Gate
Room 2
Batik Entrance
Room 3A
Entry Data Processing &
CCTV Monitoring Room
Room 3B
Office Room
Room 4
East Java
Room 5
Central Java
Room 6
Room 7
West Java
Room 8
Room 9
West Nusa  Tenggara
Room 10